Soprano Karin White has done..."magnificent work interpreting the title role (Lucia di Lammermoor) as confirmed by the great ovation received, particularly in the "Mad Scene". I also wish to express my appreciation for her discipine and dedication during rehearsals and performances. I was pleased to work with her and hope we can create new opportunities to work with her again in new productions."
Maestro Raffaele Cardone, President and Artistic Director, Miami Lyric Opera, April 17, 2012


"...What she offered vocally is not something to ignore. Conductor Beverly Coulter understood that by not rushing the tempos, Ms. White was able to demonstrate coloratura abilities we simply do not hear anymore. Diction? I don't speak Italian but having attended many performances of this opera and having heard the recordings of some of the "greats" who made Lucia one of their signature roles, this is a time when I could tell that White was paying special attention to the text. Some of the most noted Lucias always sounded like they had their mouths full of mashed potatoes as they sang and nothing was clear; not true with Karin White. People who want opera to resemble Cirque du Soleil were probably disappointed but those eager to hear the ideals of bel canto style were probably very moved… This performance was far more satisfying than the recent one at Palm Beach Opera and
towered over Florida Grand Opera’s last attempt..."
Jeff Haller, Opera Critic,, regarding Miami Lyric Opera Lucia di Lammermoor, April 14 & 15, 2012


“The evening of Rodgers and Hammerstein Classics took place right around the corner from Orchestra Hall in Detroit at St. Patrick Catholic Church….The orchestra, choir and soloists all meshed well together and the performance was invigorating as well as professional….Karin White seemed to form an intimate partnership with tenor Karl Schmidt. They sang well together, and their acting was outstanding, with White utilizing simple eye movements and small hand gestures, and Schmidt responding appropriately.”

New Monitor (Review of the "Musicians of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra" Concert, Thursday, January 20, 2011, by Ruth Crystal,Zaromp, Special Writer)


"The Saturday night performance featured the opening night cast, with Violetta Valery sung by Karin White who is a veteran performer with Arbor Opera and with other theatres in the United States. I have heard her over a few years in various roles, and my impression is that she is now ready for the better regional opera theatres.  She has a splendid, radiant top, which is always dependable….Her brilliant high C’s, topped with a secure high E flat brought a tremendously enthusiastic response from her audience.  Ms. White has significant gifts as a singer.  Her second act performance was particularly impressive, vocally and interpretatively.  We experienced the nuances of Violetta’s plight, and her beautifully well-controlled vocal line gave us an experience of some of Verdi’s greatest moments."

The Italian American Newspaper


..."The night was hallmarked with fun and adventure and no one seemed to be having as much fun as soprano soloist Karin White whose masterful voice unleashed a powerful blast of crystal clarity.  She was poised and confident, a delight.  From Charles Gounod's Ah! Je veux vivre to Richard Rogers' I Could Have Danced All Night, the audience could have listened all night as well."
Times-Herald Newspapers

“Karin White sang the role of Rosalinda in a Fledermaus production I recently conducted for New Jersey Association of Verismo Opera, Inc. Her voice is coloratura soprano, flexible and accurate and of considerable weight; it is, in fact an ideal voice for Rosalinda...She arrived at rehearsals with her part well learned, receptive and open to suggestion…In addition to singing well, she proved to be an excellent actress, animated and convincing in both her dialog and gestures…Not many opera singers can manage the spoken dialog and acting required for operetta as well as she can…We were certainly fortunate to have her as Rosalinda.  Her conscientious professionalism and friendly attitude toward everyone brightened the rehearsals.”

Anthony Morss, Music Director and Conductor, New Jersey Association of Verismo Opera


..."Ms. White is a very expressive artist with a distinctive strong voice, a wide ranging repertoire, and a passion for her art.  ...With her captivating voice and well-defined interpretations, Ms. White is a standout who contributes immeasurably to any opera or concert program.  We highly recommend Ms. White as a talented and gifted artist."
John Zaretti, President, Verdi Opera Theater of Michigan
..."Karin has boundless energy, works very hard, and has come a long way in understanding what kind of musicianship it takes to be a quality singer. She will be as well prepared as anyone in the business. Her voice is a kind of Anna Moffo voice with a substantial range - with absolutely no fatigue factor. She is capable of singing a large variety of repertoire - concert as well as opera."
Fiora Contino, Conductor - Opera Illinois, New York City Opera
..."Ms. White is a terrifically talented young singer with a beautiful clear and facile voice coupled with  well-honed, solid and expressive musicianship.  From the first rehearsal through the end of the performance, she demonstrated that she is a first rate musician, not only bringing with her the highest degree of professionalism, but a delightful sense of enthusiasm.  She did a wonderful job and I look forward to working with her again in the future."
Nan Washburn, Music Director and Conductor, Plymouth Symphony and Orchestra Canton
..."She has such great enthusiasm," Markou says.  "She's almost like a 17 year-old who is just so excited about going out there and singing.  She has great natural talent and just goes out there and sings her heart out."
The Tribune-Review quoting Kypros Markou, Conductor, The Dearborn Symphony and The Westmoreland Symphony
..."Karin is a major talent.  She has the appeal of a professional singer, with a voice that possesses rare agility and tremendous production.  I have been continuously impressed by her commitment, dedication and hard work.  Her acting is dynamic and expressive, her musical approach imaginative, and her potential unlimited.  In addition, Karin is a fine human being.  She is deeply respectful an responsive to suggestions an has a positive attitude toward her work and her colleagues."
Mei-Ann Chen, Assistant Conductor, Oregon Symphony
Conductor, Portland Youth Philharmonic
..."Ms. White is a Lyric Soprano with a very unique sound.  Her middle register is full and mellow, and her high notes are a thrill to the audience. ...She has an excellent command of the stage and is always well prepared musically and vocally whenever she is called to perform.
Quinto Milito, Artistic Director, Friends of the Opera of Michigan
..."Every conductor should have the opportunity to perform with soprano Karin White.  As the soloist for our recent concert presentation of the German Requiem by Johannes Brahms, I found Karin to be so thoroughly prepared technically that the music poured out of her in a way that Brahms himself probably imagined.  The piece seemed to have been written for her.   ...A complete professional artist, Karin has taken her enormous talent and has worked hard to establish a rare communication with the audience and musicians.  I have an enviable selection of fine professional sopranos for a small market.  Karin continues to be my first choice."
Jim Bond, Founding Director and Conductor, Manistee Symphony Orchestra & Chorus
"It is my pleasure to recommend Karin White to you.  ...In performance, she sang with accuracy, artistry and a histrionic ability that never failed to impress the audience.  ...This rare attribute in a performer, I feel, sets Karin apart and will undoubtedly make her an outstanding member of any performing company."
Thomas Petiet, Managing Director, Comic Opera Guild
"Ms. White has developed into a fine singer.  She possesses a lovely voice with a remarkable range and she has the technique to use it to great advantage in a wide variety of repertory.  She is intelligent, thoroughly professional, musical, and dedicated to her art.  In short, I believe you will find Karin White is an excellent choice for important opera roles and for a wide range of vocal-orchestral repertory.  I recommend her highly."
Anthony Iannaccone, Composer/Conductor, Collegium Musicum, Eastern Michigan University
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